If you think that the future of your children is in danger just because they are not performing their 100% in academics, you might be wrong here. Academics have nothing to do with talent and hard work. If you think your child is not paying attention or is not conscientious enough for his studies, you must go for other way round. Learning a form of arts in this case can be a great help for you and you can make him understand the importance of creativity, time, practice and precision that he can use it in studies too. Performing arts makes a person sharper and innovative in his life, and this ability makes him do better even in his academics. so, till date you might be thinking that arts is nothing but a time waste and a distraction for your child can now act the tool to enhance the capabilities and memory of him, and make him perform better for his academics in many ways:
1. He opens himself up and becomes more capable in academics: According to a latest study about the school going children regarding their course of studies, it has been proven that if a child is made more open towards any form of art or involved in any kind of extracurricular activities, he becomes better in his academics. This is because performing arts make him more skilled at learning and practice makes him better in reading, writing and math. That is the reason; most of the school curriculum nowadays includes arts and music as compulsory subjects if the child has to learn math and science too.
2. Practicing arts makes children boost their level of confidence: This is one of the biggest benefits of learning arts. Arts make the children self confident because they learn the act of displaying their talent among all and it makes them more confident and assured in the public. They don’t create a shy image among others and they learn an art of presenting themselves as a real person. They get more close and confident speaking to their teachers and principals.
3. It makes the child more active and attentive: If a child is made to learn arts and any extracurricular activity beyond academics, he becomes more active and cheerful in nature. This is because he learns and practice art among other people which make him chat, have a conversation and discussion about all the things. This makes him active enough to stand confident enough in front of others and represent himself individually. This trait work wonders in his academics. This behavior makes him more involved and attentive in class and he is able to learn his lessons in less time.
4. It makes them determined and goal oriented: Every type of skill faces a competition, whether its academics or arts. A child while undergoing his practice of art faces many exams, tests and art competitions in which he has to compete with other students. This makes him understand the importance of exams and he becomes more determinant and goal oriented about his exams and sets a goal that he has to achieve the best grades.